Name of Research Center:Medical technology center
Affiliation:Alexandria University
Research Center's Address71 Victor Amanwel St.Smouha
Alexandria, Egypt.
Center's Phone4266213
Describe your research centerMTC is the extension of the Medical Research Institute at Smouha district in the city of Alexandria. This center of excellency was designed to meet the challenge of doctors, researchers and scientists who are interested in the medical scientific field. This center was designed and equipped with a big number of equipment that can cope with the tremendous increase in the scientific field and the overwhelming increase in the chemical and biological analyses that have rapidly developed in last decade. This center consists of two floors; the first floor for clinical purposes and the second floor is dedicated for pure scientific research purposes. Also attached to the center a number of auxiliary services as animal house, a printing center, a guesthouse and a library.
Name of the Center's DirectorEman ElAbd
EquipmentsReal time PCR

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